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Hi! I'm Lucy. and I'm the maker and face behind Gallivant. I have always loved creating and making things from scratch. If it can be made, you will find me trying my hand at it. I started making earrings a few years ago and have been doing the damn thing ever since.


I live boldly - When it comes to my relationships, my beliefs, and my actions. I am the girl that goes deep on the first date and I am a believer in the power of personal growth. Being authentically myself and trusting my knowing is the road I am pursuing -for good.

Thats where my heart meets Gallivant. Being proud of the woman I am becoming and bringing all that I am to the table. I have a love for bold shapes and the energy they can bring to a day. I am inspired by color and the way they blend together to create something one of a kind. I am encouraged and filled with joy when these things join forces and create something that fuels unapologetic self confidence & love.


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